We are on an island with a giant volcano!

Fire Extinguisher, Volcanic Excitement

Ahi Island is the name of the island that Object Lockdown takes place on, as the name is first seen on Stop Sign's map of the island in Revive and Survive.


The map shows the following locations:

Inhabitants of Ahi Island

Main Characters

Minor Characters

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  • The Island's name, "Ahi", means fire in Hawaiian.
    • Umbra Forest is possibly named after Umbrella, or the real-life Forest Umbra, a national forest in Italy.
    • Cone E. Island is obviously derived from Coney Island, a real-life peninsular residential neighborhood located in New York.
    • Pirhana Bridge is named after ThePirhana15, better known as Pirans, a member of the Object Lockdown Crew and the voice actor for Notebook.