I didn't know it took effort to run off of a stage!

–Computer, Not Your Forte

Computer is the host of WindowsMaster's now cancelled object show Object World, it's reboot, and the upcoming show The Island. He appears as a guest judge in Not Your Forte.


Computer is a dark grey desktop computer monitor with a deep red screen, a green light in the bottom right corner of the frame and a red logo below the screen.


In Not Your Forte, Fire Extinguisher introduces Computer after explaining the challenge, who begins to advertise WindowsMaster's YouTube channel, stating that anyone who subscribes to it will get a free copy of the "Super WindowsMaster Funtime Jams Album", Fire Extinguisher calls him out on his shameless plug, to which he tell him to shut up. Later at the challenge Computer appears with Fire Extinguisher to judge the performances, he rates the first group's dubstep a 10/10 whilst enthusiastically clapping, he rates the second group a 4/10, stating that Pumpkin bumping into Bucket was kind of funny, he then begins to complain about not being able to announce the next team, to which Fire Extinguisher notes that he is a guest judge, after the third group's performance he rates it a 5/10 to challenge Fire Extinguisher's 4, stating that he is the "nice host", he proceeds to interrupt Fire Extinguisher while he announcing that Acorn's group is next, after their "performance" Computer asks where they went, and then gives them a -1. While announcing that M&M's group is next, Computer and Fire Extinguisher begin to question where the group is before their performance suddenly starts, after the performance he agrees with Fire Extinguisher's 9/10 rating. After the results are shown, Acorn says that his group's performance took timing and effort, to which Computer sarcastically notes that he didn't know it took effort to run away.


  • The album Computer advertises at the beginning of Not Your Forte is a reference to the names of a series of intentionally poorly-made songs on WindowsMaster's SoundCloud and YouTube accounts.