Dear Yarn,

It's me, Drago. I have decided to leave OLD, and move back home w/my family. I'm sure no one will care if I leave, so I'm going to do it. Bye.


–Drago's letter, Cream of the Crop

Drago was a male contestant on Object Lockdown. He participated for two episodes before he decided to quit in The Cream of the Crop, after which he was replaced by Notebook. Due to him being replaced, he is no longer considered a contestant by the show's creators.


  • Drago is not an actual dragon, he is an action figure of a dragon.
    • This means Yarn's assumption was technically incorrect.
  • Drago was removed due to a major backlash from the Object Lockdown Crew over his inclusion, and due to him not fitting in with the other contestants.
  • Due to Drago's absence from The Cream of the Crop, his updated design that was created for this episode was never shown, however, Notebook's disguise is a recolour of this design.
  • Drago made a cameo appearance in Breaking the Mold during the challenge explanation.