Where am I!? What is this place!? Who are you!?

–Duffel Bag, The Cream of the Crop

Duffel Bag is a male cameo character in Object Lockdown, he originates from Battle for Object Destination, as a debuter. He appears in The Cream of the Crop as one of the Safe Team's customers, and the one that ultimately causes them to lose the challenge.


The Cream of the Crop

Duffel Bag first appears in front of the Safe Team's ice cream stand and begins shouting at Limey in confusion, asking where he is. Limey changes the subject by asking if he would like some ice cream, which Duffel Bag agrees to this and begins looking through the choices, listing them off as he goes, this frustrates Umbrella and she impatiently yells at him to hurry up and pick a flavor. Duffel Bag calls Umbrella out on being rude and states the stand deserves two stars, this worries Limey, who asks if Duffel Bag is The Food Critic, Duffel Bag says he isn't, asking why he would be a food critic, however Mustache, the real critic, reveals that he overheard the conversation and give the Safe Team the lowest grade. Duffel Bag is not seen again.