Get a comb, or you will be locked down to the Danger Team and therefore cannot win the prize!

–The Lockdown/Elimination Intro

The Elimination Area is the trippy set in which Lockdown Ceremonies and Eliminations take place. It is unknown where it is located, or how the cast enters and exits the area.


The Cream of the Crop

The Elimination Area first appears in this episode, it appears to be a large void-like area with zig-zagged lines moving up and down on a colored background, the color changes depending on the current phase of the Lockdown, teal during the introduction, green during the likes, and red during the dislikes, the contestants and staff stand on triangularly-shaped floating platforms with a green section in the middle, except for characters who can fly on their own. The votes are displayed on a transparent, borderless screen.

Not Your Forte

The set is renovated thanks to Fire Extinguisher reluctantly selling his "Super Duper High School Level Fish Amiibo", the zig-zagged lines now have a different design, and the background color changes hue over time, with smoother transitions between the different colors, the screen that displays the votes also gains a gray border. Otherwise the set is largely the same.

Breaking the Mold

The set is once again redesigned, and much more heavily this time, the contestants now stand on a transparent plane and the members of the Danger Team stand behind large buttons labelled "VOTE". the background is now a glowy spiraling pattern that changes colors over time, and no longer changes to specific colors depending on the phase of the Elimination.

Revive and Survive and Constructive Criticism

The floating platforms and the screen from Episode 4 return, with the background from Episode 5 being retained, Episode 7 introduced a set of bleachers that Recommened Characters populate to watch the Ceremony.