This horrible service you have all shown me here will have to give your team the worst grade, as the other team definitely was better than this pile of trash!

–Mustache, The Cream of the Crop

Mustache, labeled The Food Critic, is a male character in Object Lockdown.


Mustache has no recognizable personality at the moment, besides being a judge at Cone E Island, with a bit of a harsh tongue.


He appeared in The Cream of the Crop as an integral part of the challenge, as he determined the winner based on how their ice cream stand's service was.


  • While never said in the show, or shown in the credits, Jack has confirmed on a Skype Group that The Food Critic's official name is Mustache.
  • Mustache is featured as a design available on the Object Lockdown Shop. This originates from several in-jokes between Jack and his friends about Mustache being "the best OLD character" despite only having ten seconds of screen time.