Rapping it Up is M&M's song that he put on JTunes. Episode two is named after this song.

Lyrics: Yo' peeps! It's me M&M! Weirdos in the cool, but I'm better than them(?). The others think they're winning the game, but they don't have all of my fame. Because I'm the the king of rap, everyone else and Bottle I don't like the bottle caps(?). I rap all the time, I mastered the rhyme, I got a lot more than a nickel and a dime. In the bank, I got more than I can count. I'm not lyin' here, I got no doubt. I'm the best in tag. You can't beat me, bro. But you ain't gonna stop it, here we go! Rappin' it up, in the big city! But now I'm in the competition, what a pity! Rappin' it up, I'm so good, that I glow! Bucket, now it's your time to go! *Awkward silence* Aaaand he's not here... Great.

(?) Means I don't know what M&M said. Someone feel free to fix that.