Friends (As of Constructive Criticism)


They had initially had become friends in Rapping it Up, after Berry had seen her walking alone, and gave her a lollipop to cheer her up. Even having not interacted with her too much recently, they still seem to be friendly towards each other.

Hot Sauce

As of right now, Hot Sauce is Yarn's closet ally. Up until Breaking the Mold, they had not interacted with each other much, if at all. Although, starting in the aforementioned episode, Hot Sauce had initially offered to help Yarn in the challenge, so neither of them would die. Throughout later episodes, they continued to get along and help each other out. As of right now, they practically rely on each other. (Their friendship might be expanded on more in Episode 8)

Enemies (As of Constructive Criticism)


At first, Drago had approached Yarn, and tried to get along with her, although she immediately questioned why he was on the show since he technically was not an object. Eventually, when Yarn had come across the note saying that Drago had left the show, she had wondered if him leaving was her fault, but immediately thought over that statement.


This is more on Umbrella's side, but in Breaking the Mold, she had gotten upset at Yarn after mishearing her statement about Sun being killed, and had then called her a Baby as she had walked away with Hot Sauce. Although this supposed "rivalry" hasn't been addressed upon too much, While walking to the Seaside Village in Revive and Survive, she had stated how she wished that Umbrella should've been locked down in the previous episode instead of Balloon.

Stop Sign

Unlike all her other enemies, she had initially been neutral on Stop Sign. Although, starting in Revive and Survive, Stop Sign had grown a hatred towards her, mostly due to her not strictly following had he had order her to do for the challenge. His hatred for her became more apparent in Constructive Criticism, as he was angry with Yarn throughout the entire challenge. Even when he had caused their teams loss, he had blamed it on Yarn, just because he thought she was "annoying."